Yowza Tour de France

Yowza Tour de FranceRiding anywhere in the world is indeed now possible with the new Yowza Tour de France Indoor Cycle. With its latest technology featuring iFit powered by Google Maps, you could choose from different places to go to and trails to follow. Chosen by professionals, this indoor cycling machine is perfect for triathletes, trainers, cyclist or anyone who wants to experience cycling in a whole new level.

It has a heavy duty flywheel that gives users that adrenaline rush when riding on the road. Most exercise bikes don’t have this kind of innovation wherein users can physically and visually stimulate their indoor exercises into outdoor ones. It will not only give you the motivation, it will also provide you challenges with its 24-pre mapped courses and you can even create your own. It will definitely provide you with the training you are looking for.

Product Specs and Features

Dimension: 25” wide x 58” long x 59” Tall
135 lbs. Weight
iPOd Port
Built-in Speakers
24 Gears
3. 5” Console
10 Pre-drawn Google Maps Courses of the 2012 Tour de France
9 Exercise Bike Workout Apps
5 Indoor Cycle Class Workouts
Polar Wireless Chest Pulse Compatible (doesn’t come with a chest strap)
Warranty: Lifetime on frames and Welds; 1 year Parts and Labor

Product Highlights

Incline and Decline
Have a realistic and stimulating workout with the Tour de France Indoor Cycle with its -20 +20 inclines which automatically adjust depending on the trails you have chosen. You can either go uphill or downhill – it all depends on the terrain and trails you have chosen using the Google map feature. You can ride anywhere inside your home but still experience the sensation of riding outdoor. The incline and decline ability of the bike could also be adjusted manually if you prefer to work out with a stationary route.

iFit Live Technology
It was two years ago when iFit Live technology was first introduced and it greatly changed the way exercise machines has functioned since then. However, the Tour de France Indoor cycle has taken the technology into a whole new usage by powering it with Google Maps. Although the machine has already featured 24-pre-mapped courses, users could easily create their own by mapping their trails using Google Maps. Each trail stimulates the incline and decline so you will experience the ride like you are actually on that trail.

You will be able to see your progress on the colorful console as you ride on with your equipment. Not only that, you can also create your own personal account with iFit.com and choose your fitness goal. iFit live will automatically download customized workouts for you. You will also be able to track your progress and upload that information into your account.

Intelligent Wind Resistance
Just like you are riding outdoors, the Tour de France Indoor Cycle can give you the wind resistance that you typically experience. The intelligent Wind Resistance feature of the indoor cycle automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your wind profile. The smart technology installed on the equipment can calculate the height and weight of the user and apply the natural resistance you can get from when you are riding on the road. This feature makes your experience more personalized and realistic. This is more than what other indoor cycle could offer.

Built-In Power Meter
Attaching a separate device to measure your watts and RPM’s is actually inconvenient. To have a hassle free experience, the Tour de France has a built-in power meter which allows monitoring of your watts and RPM’s directly on the console as you ride. You will have accurate results, depending on the effort you are exerting on your training. You will be able to continuously challenge yourself and set personal benchmark while monitoring your watts and RPM’s with the device.

Handlebar Shifters
Alternating gears is something that outdoor road bikes usually have. To make your indoor ride experience more realistic, the Tour de France offers a handlebar with shifters. These shifters are conveniently placed on the handlebars so you can stay focused on your ride without disturbing your workout each time you try to change your resistance. You would absolutely feel the change of resistance you would feel when you are on your road bike. The left shifters adjust resistance in the front sprockets while the right shifters adjust resistance in the rear sprockets. It has 24 different resistance levels which will help in your cardiovascular strength training.

Silent Magnetic Resistance
The SMR or (Silent Magnetic Resistance) allows users to adjust their workout intensity quickly and efficiently. Its frictionless resistance system provides smoothness during the adjustments that noise won’t be heard during the change.

Other Features

The Tour de France Indoor Cycling also has padded adjustable seat that allow users to adjust according to their own riding style, it could be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. It comes with a 3. 5” console with easy to read, full color display that tracks information such as workout time, distance, pulse, watts, RPM’s and calories burned.

You can also make use of the console to adjust the incline and the gears of the equipment. The handlebars could also be adjusted to multiple positions. To increase stability during the workout, the pedals are designed with toe cages but you can either take them off or use your own bike pedals.

According to the PRO’s

“After winning the Ironman Hawaii World Championships again, I shifted my focus on putting myself back on the Australian Olympic Team for London. I was told this was an impossible dream and that finding the power and speed to match guys half my age was simply a midlife crisis. I grabbed myself a TDF bike and used set programs to look at developing the strength, speed and power that would be necessary to race at the speeds necessary to win Olympic medals again. At 38 years of age I was told “impossible”, “Can’t be done” and “no chance”. Thanks to the TDF bike and the specific indoor sets we could control, we achieved the impossible and qualified for the Olympic Shadow squad. It is without question the best way to get the specific results you are looking for”- Chris McCormack, 2010 Ironman World Champion

“The Tour De France Trainer is incredible because it has a very realistic road feel. In over 20 years of riding trainers, I’ve never ridden anything even close. My favorite features are the Google Maps iPhone application, and that the bike actually rotates up or down based on uphill and downhill. The “Tour De France Trainer” is by far the closest stationary bicycle to the road I’ve ever experienced! Five stars!” – Lewis Elliot, Professional Triathlete