Yowza New Daytona Treadmill

Yowza New Daytona Treadmill

Going through a great deal of exercise can bring about a good or even a great change in your life. You get to have the body you want resulting into a larger wardrobe rather than larger waists, which is a good thing. Imagine that, a closet full of right-sized clothes fill the empty spaces, that is a strong indication of your weight status.

If you have a lot of money and you don’t want to go out of the house to shed your pounds, then buy a treadmill. It gives you the feel of a jog or a walk, but only in the comfort of your own home. This makes you realize that you don’t need to go out of the house to have fun. You even get to watch your favorite TV programs even though you’re wearing that tight spandex and running on some conveyor belt.

There are a lot of treadmills in the market available to you. They are unique in different ways through the specs it offers. You just need to choose the right one for you. The one you can use with ease and convenience but at the same time, provide you the necessary benefits that can be detrimental to your weight loss.

One of these treadmills you can chose as an option would be the Yowza New Daytona Treadmill. This is a sure find to every treadmill buyer on the market. With buying this, you get to enjoy its features unique to the product.

Features & Benefits

It’s powered by a 3.0 HP motor that gives you the much needed speed and consistency. Plus it is quiet which means you can do it while the baby’s sleeping or by watching TV for you don’t get to be distracted due to the sound of the motor. Its running surface is made up of multi-layer PVC with nylon-polyester weave at the bottom which is great for traction.

If you like high speed treadmill exercises, you can definitely change the speed level up to 11 miles per hour. If you are not contented, then you can even change the incline of the belt up to 12 percent which makes your workout more challenging as much as running up a hill to get to the top. Plus it has a patented swing arm with progressive shock absorbent deck which reduces impact, leading to more efficient exercise. Plug it in a 110 V AC socket and see for yourself its marvel.

If you love doing long runs, keep yourself dehydrated. With the Yowza New Daytona Treadmill, you have two water bottle holders for your rehydration purposes. If you love the feel of being in the zone while listening to music on the run, never to worry for the Yowza New Daytona has a built-in iPod dock, plus it is iPod compatible along with hi fidelity speakers that give you a more crisp workout sound.

You can transport it anywhere as you wish thanks to its built-in transport wheels. Even though it is non-foldable, you still have the option of taking it anywhere as you please. With dimensions of 83”L x 35”W x 58”H, plus a weight of 269 kilograms, you can easily move this piece of stuff out of the house or into the house without that much constraint.

If you’re concerned about the amount of weight it can carry to support you, the New Daytona can support up to 350 pounds. This seems fair enough. Unless you weigh more than 350 pounds, you can still use this even though you’re overweight and obese.

The New Daytona has a wide range of   programs – 15 in total – for you to work on to achieve efficient weight loss. Thanks to its Intelligent Workout Management program, you get to let the machine work for you. What’s amazing with this is that, after you weigh in through the wireless weighing scale using the IWM, the body determines the perfect workout regimen for you through the use of your recorded weight and body mass index.

However there are certain programs that you can be in control of. Just some tweaking with the settings and you’re good to do. Like in the Time, Speed and Distance program, you get to set the count to higher or lower if you like long runs or short walks respectively. There are also three preset programs in which their intensity can be changed in twelve levels, depending on your preference.

If you like to make an extra effort, you can do the weight loss program by changing speed and incline settings. It also comes with 12 levels of intensity depending on what you want. Sometimes you want to step up to the plate and speed is one way of doing so. With its speed interval program, you get to change it according to the level of intensity you wish to.

The New Daytona also has that 5K running or walking ”LEARN” program. This seems interesting. Not only that, after you did the said regimen, the machine automatically records the changes made and saves them for future purposes. This is very helpful for someone who doesn’t like changing his or her program more often.

Not only is the machine conscious of your weight, but also of your heart. Your heart’s health is detrimental to your progression with your workout. The New Daytona has a Heart Control Rate Program that automatically reads your heart rate through the Heart Rate transmitter belt. With this, the machine automatically adjusts the speed and incline to your current status on the treadmill.

After which, you will undergo a fitness test which is solely based on the Heart Rate Recovery rate. Now that’s caring at its finest. No machine could do it like the New Daytona. Also if you love to do more than one workout routine, the machine’s three sets of Data Memory slots makes you store each of them.

Working out has never been this fun with the New Daytona, it’s time to buy one now. As long as you have the paycheck to fund this addiction, then go.