Yowza Miami Elliptical Trainer

Exercise EquipmentThere is new elliptical equipment from Yowza that is available in the market. It is more advanced and a lot of trainers are interested in having one. You definitely would want to buy one for yourself when you get to know its features and specs.

It is specifically designed to fit any ones’ lifestyle. It is made to accommodate multiple users and so the durability is as its best. The result you will gain from the device will guarantee to show within a week of using it. Yowza has been known for developing durable and high-quality equipments with outstanding features and with their new innovation, Yowza has provided something worth buying. The new Yowza Miami Elliptical Machine would definitely be your best exercise partner.

Product Specifications

Transport Wheels
Water Bottle Holder
Stride Motion varies from rear drive, reversible
Electronic Adjustable Incline of up to 60%
Electronic Adjustable Stride Ranges from 19” to 32”
Minimum 9” Step-up Height
Patented counter-rotational Core motion
Dimensions: 66″L x 33″W x 66″H; Fully extended length: 81″
Unit Weight: 234
Shipping Dimensions: 67″L x 23″W x 32″H
Shipping Weight: 295
Frame: Robotically Welded Steel – Powder Coated
Resistance System: Electromagnetic Braking System
Pedals: Sure-Fit™ design with perfect spacing
Maximum User Weight: 400
Maximum of 9 user
21 Pre-Set Programs & 9 custom
Other Features: Bluetooth 4.0, FitSound Bluetooth speaker, large console with tablet reading rack. IPod dock, Hi Fidelity speakers, 3 speed adjustable fan, built in heart rate receiver, wireless  transmitter/chest belt, Grip Pulse handle bars, USB and 3.5mm audio jack
Power Supply: Plug In (AC 110V)
Safety: Gs/TUV, ETL, UL, CE

Product Highlights

It has a maximum level of 60% which is not very common among elliptical. You can always take your workout to the next level by adjusting the inclination. This different incline level will help you target different muscles groups such as the quads, hamstrings and glutes.

Better performance and efficient workout is achieved with the 60% incline as a result higher lifts of the legs. Lifting the legs higher will give more workouts to your abs and your core. The self-pivoting SureFit™ foot pedals are inserted with thick soft gel that will give your foot enough comfort during your workout.

You could isolate abdominal and core muscles during workout with the help of the Miami’s SuperCore handlebars and unique egg-shaped rotating grips. Multiple positions could be done when you grip the handlebars so you could workout you upper body muscles.

The 19 to 32 inch electronically adjustable stride length will give THE user the efficiency of working out with the stride length that perfectly fits his stance and stature. Extending the stride length will give your legs the exercise of a stair climber. It is proven that the benefits of weight loss and muscle toning are reduced over time once the body has adapted with the repetitive exercises.

However, if from time to time you tend to change your stride length and incline, then you will give your body a confusion that prevents it from familiarizing your routine

Multiple users could use the equipment and could make up to 9 user profiles. With each having different programs, each user could use the IMW to their advantage when tracking their progress. The variable stride and incline are designed to accommodate different body types and sizes of up to 400 lbs. Its durability is intended for multiple users as well as different sizes.

It has a free MyLiveLight (MLL) app that allows you do amazing things with the equipment like comparing your calorie intake to your calories burned. The IWM software works with the wireless scale measure to further help you with your weight management. The IWM system uses data such as your weight, calorie intake and BMI to customarily design a workout perfect for you and your fitness goals. It can store up to nine individual profiles.

The Yowza Miami Elliptical trainer has an oversized LCD screen that displays all the user details such as your heart rate, speed, calories burned and the program you have chosen. There are two separate LED screen that display incline and resistance levels.

It has high-tech programming including a Bluetooth 4.0 fit-sound system which allows user to listen to their favorite music from your Bluetooth devices while a cable is provided for non-Bluetooth devices. The speaker works surprisingly better compared to other elliptical trainers. You can also use your phone or tablet when you want to customize your console or view your workout data.

Custom workout routine programs that will definitely workout those muscles – Target time (counts up or down from a specified time), Target Distance (counts up or down from a specified distance), Target Calories (counts up or down from a specified number) and core interval resistance with eight unique intensity levels.

Product Cons

It could be very heavy so you will need a minimum of two people to carry it around the house. The equipment is very expensive given that its quality and features give you your money’s worth. But if you are budget conscious, then this equipment is not for you.

However if you are looking for an equipment that delivers result, then it wouldn’t hurt if you put out most of your savings. Although some would rather have a cheaper elliptical trainer especially with the number of elliptical available in the market, competition would not be that tough for the Yowza Miami.

Product Warranty

It offers an excellent warranty for the parts. You get lifetime warranty on frame & braking system and 2 years in home labor. In addition, the parts warranty is increased to 10 years. With this kind of product warranty, you could tell that it would last long. Normally, the warranty only covers a maximum of 7 years for an elliptical and with the number of warranty, it guarantee users the durability they want.