Yowza Islamorada Elliptical

Exercise EquipmentWorking out with a lot of equipment like weights or treadmills are very tiring but fulfilling for workout enthusiasts. These people are willing to spend big on such programs just to make their body fit and at its optimum health potential. Not only it can help them maintain their overall physical make up, but also it helps as a stress reliever. For some, going to the gym is more of a nirvana rather than an exercise hub, but it depends though.

Most of the time, people get to go to the gym to shed off those unwanted pounds and flabs to stay young, look young and feel young. It is everybody’s dream of having that hot body walking down the mall or the beach, where men or women turn their heads and drool over you.

Aside from using those weights, treadmills and bikes, try using elliptical machines. They provide a more complex and challenging workout. Usually, the exercises done with these machines involve mostly lower body muscles but some of your other muscle groups are on the move as well. This results to faster burning thus a sudden drop in that side flabs and man boobs which is definitely a great thing.

In order to experience the best, you need to have the best. The Yowza Islamorada Elliptical Machine is the answer to your weight loss prayers. It is considered as one of the best available in the market. You won’t regret a thing when you buy this. It may be a bit costly, but the results are definitely worth it.

However, even you know that this is the best, you still need to make sure that its features are the just the right one for your needs. It’s like finding a good woman, you need to dig deeper and deeper until you get to know more about her. Anyway, let’s go back to discussing about the Islamorada.

Product Features

It has a longer stride length of 19” to a full 30” making your workout experience better. If you’re not contented enough, you can adjust the incline of the Islamorada up to 60 percent grade to achieve even better results. For your upper body motion, the machine has a patented SuperCore motion with rotating egg-shaped grips that further enhances your abdominal focus.

Feeling the resistance whenever you make a certain effort means that what you do is very effective. With Islamorada’s electromagnetic braking system, you get to develop your lower body strength through stepping resistance. Seems legit right?

There are certain people that are concerned about the durability and stability of machines. It’s because of the fact that accidents may happen and disappointments may occur whenever the machine cannot take it anymore. Well, with the Islamorada, you don’t get to worry about having a weight as heavy as a six-valve car engine. The machine can support over 400 pounds of full heaviness complete with the flabs in all sections of the body.

Of course if you love the feeling of giving effort to get what you want, you also need to have the necessary while going about with that effort. The machine’s Sure-Fit design and extra soft gel inserts promotes you the best of comfort. Never forget that the Islamorada has perfect spacing in between the pedals to evenly distribute the effort on your muscles, much like snacks between meals where you don’t feel any dissatisfaction.

Not only the machine focuses on what you do, but also on what your status is. With its heart rate transmitter/chest belt, you get to know the details of your cardiac function through the machine’s built-in heart rate receiver. For the music lovers and enthusiasts, you don’t get to strap on that smartphone or mp3 player of yours for the Islamorada comes with a built-in iPod dock, plus high fidelity speakers to give you a more surround sound while doing your thing. This can definitely help you get in the zone which increases your endurance and decreases your effort and straining.

With every workout comes the time to cool down right? If you are using the Isamorada, there’s no need for you to stop to get yourself re-ventilated. You only need to turn on the built-in adjustable fan. With its three speed options, you can choose to have a slight breeze or a full blast. Another thing, if you’re thirsty, never worry for the machine also contains a built-in water bottle holder. This is for you to remain consistent while you replenish yourself.

Space is one of the problems that most gym equipment buyers are encountering. The dilemma of having a workout machine at home but with lesser space is commonplace. This goes for other machines though but with the Isamorada’s 69” Length x 33” Width x 66” Height dimensions, you can fit it in any place in the room near to a 110V AC plug. Unless you own a storage room more than an apartment, there’s no problem with putting this in its place.

Isamorada’s program offers nine user memory data slots in which you store important information such as the weight, height and sex of a certain user. Along with it, it contains twelve preset programs that will surely be of great help to you. If you want to fully customize the time, distance or the amount of calories, you can choose the manual setting. However if you want to focus on either of them, you can set the count whether you want it high or low.

Lastly, if you want a whole package to go with you, you can use the Core Interval resistance program with eight unique intensity levels. This makes you gradually improve your overall routine. With this, you need to get your body in sync with each other to meet the expectations of the machine.

Warranty-wise, the machine offers free two- year home labor coverage, seven- year coverage on spare parts and electronics and lifetime coverage on the frame and the braking system. Looks like this is enough for you to get motivated to start saving up. Buy the Isamorada now and experience the best workout routine you’ll ever have!