Yowza Boston Marathon Treadmill Review

Training for a marathon at home is now made possible by the new Yowza Boston Marathon Treadmill. Its features are amazingly designed for the main purpose of running quietly and smoothly even at a speed of up to 15 miles per hour.

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With a remarkable powerful 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro motor that is made using high-grade wiring and insulation materials, and high quality bearings and brushes as construction materials, the motor is dynamically balanced and thoroughly tested for excellent performance yet with less vibration and noise. Each unit has a lifetime warranty cover so you are assured that no money will come out of your pocket once the unit breaks, if ever it will.

The treadmill with its 10” full color touch-screen display has a web browser powered by Android. By connecting into your home’s wireless network, you will be able to entertain yourself with reading email, watching online or connecting to Facebook while doing your work out.

Experiencing trails while running in the treadmill is something you would also like to have as a runner to make it more realistic. The Yowza Boston Marathon is iFIT Live capable, (a wireless internet connection is required in this feature) which enables you to view different trails, customize your own fitness program, download different sets of workout, manage your profile online and even workout with Jillian Michaels. Competitions could also be open with you Facebook friends through iFIT Live.

To be able to adjust and personalize the running surface is what runners would want to have with their treadmill which is why the “Runner’s Select Impact Control” cushioning system is applied in the Boston Marathon treadmill. The system allows runner to personalize and gain total control over the cushioning of their running surface. They will be able to reduce the impact on your joints with “ON” position which will give them a full-length suspension. If you would like to have a more “road-like” feel while running, then you could choose the “OFF” position.

A wireless telemetry is used to continuously monitor your heart rate which could be seen displayed on the touch-screen. You can also adjust both speed, within the range of 1 to 15 MPH, and deck incline, between values -6% to 20% of grade, by just swiping your fingers across the touch screen, or you can adjust it using the assisting “Zip” controls. The incline and decline feature of this model is beneficial in activating different muscle group in the legs. Walking on a declined surface is said to burn more calories than walking on a flat surface.

The Yowza Boston Marathon Treadmill is indeed perfect for runners who are preparing for a marathon. It has built in marathon training programs including 16 weeks to 20 weeks preparation programs. There are sensors that will be able to detect each stride and monitor separate foot fall. Your step counts are displayed on the touch screen with a step per minute format. Some features of the treadmill include running efficiency gauge and HD training videos.