Sole R92 Recumbent Bike

Sole R92 Recumbent BikeWanting to work out and providing comfort to your body seems to be impossible. We all know that working out gives our muscles the satisfying pain, making as think that we did something right but that isn’t really the case for our joints.

The new Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike is specially designed for those users who usually deal with chronic back issues and joint pains after using a recumbent exercise bike. With its adjustable seat and a well improved back support, those days of lumbar pain is over. Positioning yourself with the machine is not a problem with it step-through entry system that allows user to ride with ease.  Along with other special features, you will find the Sole R92 both entertaining and as highly effective as other exercise machine.

Product Specifications and Features

Maximum User Weight: 300lbs
Resistance Type: Eddy Current Brake
Resistance Levels: 20
Number of Programs: 10
Product Dimensions: 57 x 30 x 50“
152-pound Weight
Heart Rate Sensor: Chest Strap
Semi-recumbent Platform
Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
Six Standard Programs
Two Custom Programs
Two Heart Rate Programs
Nine-inch LCD Console
Built-in Fan
Pulse Grip Heart Rate Monitoring
Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitoring Compatible (strap included)
Custom, oversized Pedals
MP3 Compatible Sound System
Water Bottle Holder


This piece of SOLE equipment includes the following manufacturer’s warranties against defects in materials and workmanship:

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Electronics and Parts: Three Years
  • Labor: One Year

Product Pros

Reduced Back Pain
The Sole Fitness R92 is a Recumbent Exercise Bike which is originally designed to provide user maximum comfort while working out with minimum joint pain experienced. Being in a recumbent position often gives users lower back pain especially at the lumbar part, but with the new human engineering applied on the recumbent seat design of the Sole R92, back pain are reduced to zero while still being able to maximize workouts.  The well-padded adjustable seats gives user the proper support on their lower back area and at the same time allows them to comfortably position themselves regardless of their size and physique. The handle bars are also adjustable.

Reduced Stress on Joints
The comfort that the Sole R92 could give you isn’t limited to your back. Its patented two-degree inward design foot pedals allow your body to adjust to a correct posture while aligning the joints of the knees and the feet perfectly. The joints and knees often absorb shock and feel the pain when working out with an exercise bike so it is important that you minimize the pain you will inflict on those joints. The importance of reducing workout related pain is great since it measures the physical trauma that our body experience. Increased physical trauma may result to major injuries.

Entertaining Features
The Sole R92 comes with a user-friendly, 9-inch LCD screen where you will find your workout data and information like workout time, distance travelled, heart rate, speed, calories burned and the workout program you are currently following. Even if it is your first time to try out innovative exercising machines, you will find the instructions in the screen easy to read and follow.

The screen is bright and crisp, making it easier for users to read the information whatever position they may be in. They can actually keep track on their heart rate while going on with their workout. It also comes with an MP3/iPod dock with built in speakers to allow users to play and listen to their favorite workout music.

A water bottle holder is also available to ensure hydration while working out and a built-in cooling fan is also featured in the model. Although it may not be as strong as users might expect it to be, the fan will provide you with enough cooling effect during a workout.

Sole R92 also have a pulse grip heart monitoring system, however, it was made more advanced by the chest-heart monitoring system that comes with a strap, making the heart rate displayed on the screen more accurate. This feature often is not available in common exercising machine.

Challenging Features
What makes workout machines very useful are the challenges it could offer. Other exercising machines offer great challenges and Sole R92 is one of them.  You may get bored of just doing the same routine over and over. Your muscles may even adapt to your routine and your workout may not be as effective.

The Sole R92 offers 10 challenging workouts, including uphill and strength programs, heart rate programs and programs that users can customize at their own free will. You can challenge yourself with your own designed programs and monitor progress though the screen. It also has 20 resistance levels which makes the workout even more challenging and gives your body the fitness it deserves.

Made with strong heavy steel tubing, durable frame and aluminum shroud, there is no reason why the Sole 932 won’t be able to handle as much as 300 pounds weight. You won’t really have to worry about breaking it with how constant you work out. The size of the equipment won’t even require a lot of space so it would just fit in any room that you would like to place it.

Product Cons

Because it is made with sturdy and heavy steel frames, it is quite challenging to assemble and move around. It usually requires two persons to move it around the room that’s why it is ideal to assemble it to the place you would likely want it. Don’t worry about the assembly instructions for it is easy and you will be able to assemble it in no time. It may come with a chest-strap monitor, but it is not wireless.


All in all, there are fewer drawbacks with the Sole R92 compared to other exercise machines and it is still an ideal workout machine for users who are looking for maximum comfort when working-out while actually drawing results.