Sole LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

Sole LCR Light Commercial Recumbent BikeProduct Specs and Features

Height (in.):50″
Length (in.):57″
Width (in.):30″Item
Weight (lbs.):157 lbs.
Weight Capacity (lbs.):350 lbs.
Semi-recumbent Platform
Adjustable Seat and Handlebars
Six Standard Programs
Two Custom Programs
Two Heart Rate Programs
Nine-inch LCD Console
Built-in Fan
Pulse Grip Heart Rate Monitoring
Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitoring Compatible (strap included)
Custom, Oversized Pedals
ECB Resistance
MP3 Compatible Sound System
Water Bottle Holder
Self-Generating Power with 110v AC Adapter Backup

Product Overview

Three words – dependable, comfortable and affordable – are what best describe the new SOLE LCR. The SOLE LCR Light Commercial Recumbent bike is specifically designed for light commercial use. It is designed by SOLE to accommodate any user varying in age, weight and fitness level.

Because of its light commercial specs and features, it is most fitting for physical therapy clinics, fitness studios and gyms, school weight rooms and may also be purchased for home use. The technological advancement and modernization that SOLE usually do with their gym equipment are experienced with the LCR’s amazing features and challenging programs.

Equipped with 30-pound, heavy-duty flywheel, the machine will be able to run smoothly and steadily while even carrying up to 350 lbs. of weight. It is compact and easily set up. Since it is designed for commercial use, the power is self-generated so it does not require external power source. And with a warranty that goes beyond your expectations, the LCR is definitely a best buy.

The main purpose of exercise machines is to continually challenge trainers and to further enhance their fitness level. It is also suitable for beginners since there are programs which are designed for beginner’s level and gradually intensifies as the user continuously levels up.

Users will surely be challenged with its maximum 40 level of resistance (which is not very common among recumbent exercise machines). It also comes with 10 pre-defined workout programs which you could choose depending on your fitness goal. Setting your fitness goal before working out is essential so you will be able to attain the result that you want.

In addition to knowing your fitness goal, you will also know what program to follow that will deliver fast results. The sole LCR has two heart rate programs, which progress can be track down with its pulse grip heart monitor and with an additional wireless chest-strap heart monitor. No matter what program you choose, it is best to not push yourself too hard to prevent injuries.

With its large 9 inch display screen, users will be able to see their workout information and their progress clearly. The blue backlit display of the screen is pleasing to the eyes of every user making it easier for them to see the displayed information regardless of their positioning. Plus, they can easily save their two personal customized workout programs in the console to optimize your workout routine.

The console is large enough to display important details such as the distance travelled, speed, heart rate and the calories burned. It also updates automatically as your progress in your routine. It is also purposely made large for users who find it frustrating to keep track on their workout’s progress especially during execution.

The positioning of the pedals defines which muscle group work out best. Each exercise machine is built with unique pedals and the pedals of Sole LCR are ergonomically designed with its two-degree inward cant which allows your knees and joint to align perfectly as to minimize and reduce pain while you exercise. This will help user to focus more on working out rather than altering their attention to unnecessary pain that they might experience during workout. Joint pains and knee sprains are commonly experienced when improper posture is practiced during workouts.

The Sole LCR also offers a 12-position adjustable seat allowing user to move it forward and backward with the help of handlebars which are placed conveniently. The wide, comfortable, supporting backrest can also be adjusted to fit according to the users comfort level. The seats are made of soft foam or gel to provide maximum comfort tot eh user. SOLE usually design their seat’s equipment with an idea of providing comfort to the user and at the same time minimizing fatigue especially when having extended work out. It is ideal for various users with different sizes and physique that’s why it is still convenient when using for commercial purposes.

The durability and sturdiness of the SOLE LCR Light Commercial Recumbent bike is measured by its ability to withstand constant use by multiple users with different weight level. Since its main purpose is for commercial use, it is made with durable and high quality materials such as commercial grade structural steel and heavy steel tubing along with aluminum shroud. It is practically designed with two front wheels for easy and convenient transfer of the equipment. The steel frame allows the equipment to carry up to 350 lbs. of weight and is sturdy enough to tolerate long and everyday use.

Like any other exercise machines, the SOLE LCR has an MP3 docking port and built-in speakers that allow users to listen to their workout playlist while exercising. It also comes with a water bottle holder and a built-in cooling fan for an additional comfort when working out.

The only drawback that the SOLE LCR has is it is not iFit live compatible. It is the most modern technological advancement of most exercise machines. But with its affordable price, then it is understandable that it doesn’t have that special feature.

Equipment must always come with the best warranty coverage and services and Sole LCR is offering the best of the best. The Sole LCR Recumbent Bike comes with the following standard warranty:

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Parts and Electronics – 3 Years
  • Labor – 1 Year

But if you purchase one of Sole Fitness’ Light Commercial exercise bikes for residential use, you’ll receive the following warranty upgrades:

  • Frame – Lifetime
  • Parts and Electronics – 5 years
  • Labor – 2 Years