Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical

Exercise EquipmentGoing to the gym means using a lot of equipment that focus on improving the tone of certain muscle groups. Not only that, you even get to bulk up and increase your muscle mass just with lifting weights with more than normal heaviness. This results to a more fit body and better muscle tone which in turn can boost your self-esteem. You get to be more confident wearing those fitting clothes and those skinny jeans. As long as you don’t use any bodily internal modification such as steroid or other hormones, you will be healthier.

Not all gym enthusiasts like to take hand on those weights though. Some of them use exercise bikes, treadmills and even do boxing sessions since they find this easier and convenient compared to just plain weightlifting. Plus it does not require that much effort leading to longer endurance along with more calories burning.

Some people do not even go to the gym to do workout routines, but they do it at the comfort and the convenience of their own home. A lot of factors affect their schedule for free time to go to fitness centers. Such examples are work, family commitments tending to children after a long day, etc. Of course this shouldn’t be a hindrance to you maintaining your body. Being a busy person should never distract you from doing what you want to make you happy.

That’s why workout equipment is not limited to the gym or any fitness institution. You can do at home if you have the space to fit it in. You might have to spend a lot of money to avail of those, but it doesn’t matter anyway for it will be worth it.

In order to have a very sure and secure purchase, you need to know where to find the best offers, ones where they don’t add extra charges whether it may be the shipping or the packaging. If you were able to find what you wish to, better check the specifications. The features are important as they will your be basis of what suits you best.

If you’re tired of lifting weights, running on those treadmills or pedal pushing those exercise bikes, it’s time to use a different form of fitness equipment - elliptical machines. These babies are one of the best workout equipment you can find.

Exercise with the use of this machine brings very fruitful results without too much exhaustion of effort in doing so. To further help you with your long search for the best elliptical machine, the company Sole gives you one of their best in their elliptical series. Introducing, the Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical machine.

Product Features & Benefits

With one look, you can easily figure out that the machine is the thing to choose among the rest. It has all the things and the features that you would need for you to have a great workout experience. This is for the serious workout lover for it yields very effective results.

Powered by a 34-pound flywheel along with high gear ratio, the E-95 is capable of offering you smooth and fluid workout with additional resistance, giving a challenging routine. Now that’s very nice. Another is that the E-95 has a power incline feature that offers additional resistance that makes you want to strain more in order to improve certain muscle groups and guess what, you can do that with a touch of a button.

If you like to target certain areas of the lower body that have not been done earlier, you can adjust the ramp angle, either from flat zero to a step forty degrees to keep those buns and thighs up to par. The machine also contains oversized foot pedals with foam cushioning which is designed in collaboration with physical therapists and sports aficionados. In order to reduce ankle and knee stress, sole engineers have designed a two-degree inward slope making you work out longer and burn more calories.

The Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical machine also comes with six standard programs that cater your workout needs for general muscle groups. If you want to only focus on those legs, only tighten those thighs or emphasize those beautiful buns, the machine offers you two custom programs that lets you choose the right workout setting to enhance such muscle groups. Another thing, if you want to focus more on your cardiac function, the machine offers you two heart programs that makes your beater run like a marathon.

Not only does the machine focuses on your skeletal muscles, it focuses on your heart muscles as well. With the E95’s heart monitoring system, you get to be aware more about what’s going on with your blood pumper. In addition, it has a chest strap for you to wear on to give you the results.

Its built-in LCD gives you a reading of what your stats are. Those including your time and distance covered, heart rate and the amount of calories you have already burned. If you want to cool down without disrupting your consistency, the machine has a built-in cooling fan and water bottle holder. If you love music so much that you want to continually feed your earworms, the E95 has a built-in sound system that makes you hook up any mp3 player you have, then feel the blast of crisp quality sound through its built in high fidelity speakers.

The machine can be used by people from all walks of life and from all weights. It has the ability to withstand a weight of 400 pounds at most. This is no problem then for most obese people weigh about 200 to 300 pounds depending on age and height. Its is possible due to its durable frame.

With regards to its warranty, the machine covers two years on home labor, five years on both spare parts and electronics and a lifetime on the frame. With coverage like this, it’s obvious that you won’t regret buying such equipment. So this means that now is the time to make that purchase and start getting fit.