Sole F85 Review

Are you a fitness buff but wants to stay at home while working out? Do you want to work out but are too busy to go to the gym? Are you looking for a good treadmill to work out on but doesn’t know which treadmill to buy? Sole F85 may just be the perfect treadmill for you!

Sole F85

Fitness is important but the demands of life just keep on growing that we sometimes forget how to be healthy. We work a lot, eat a lot and get stressed a lot. Studies already show that stress is fatal. Good thing there are technologies that continue to bring accessible fitness to our lives. Fitness devices such as treadmills are advancement in technology that greatly helps in keeping people healthy. We could now skip the hassle of going to the gym and enjoy working out in the comfort of our homes.

If you want to maintain a fit body and a healthy lifestyle, investing on a treadmill is a good idea. They’re designed for fitness enthusiasts who live demanding lives. Sole F85 is especially designed as user-friendly for working out ease. After all, some people exercise not just to be fit but also to relax.

Sole F85 is perfect as work out on the go. This is perfect if you are lacking space inside your house but are still enthusiastic about working out comfortably at home. This state of the art treadmill has a space-saving feature. This folding treadmill weighs about 280 pounds and has the Easy Assist Folding deck with a Safety Lock that will help you fold it up easily. There is a lever under its deck that you can pull down to lower the treadmill deck to the ground.  After your workout, you can fold the deck to save space and avoid injury.

Perhaps the best feature of this state of the art treadmill is the 9-inch LCD display that serves as your fitness coach. It is where you could set your chosen workout program, whether it is the six standard programs, the two custom programs or the two heart program. Your workout progress will be shown through a graph on the screen along with your speed, the calories you’ve burned, the miles you’ve run and also your pulse. This screen would also let you set and view your workout time, count the calorie you’ve lost and set your target heart rate.

Sole F85 is also a perfect running machine with its 0.5-to-12 MPH speed range that could be adjusted to your preferred running speed. The deck measures at 35 by 80 inches which has more running surface than some of the treadmills in the market. It could also support 265-pound weight to 400-pound weight which is a higher weight limit compared to its competitors. It is designed for people with longer stride and with heavier weight. The frame itself is durable and could withstand repeated and everyday use.

If you want to be motivated by your workout playlist, this brilliantly designed treadmill also offers speakers where you can plug your mp3 player and get your exercise groove on. Most people enjoy exercise with a soundtrack on. It also has an earphone jack when you don’t want to disturb people inside your house with your workout music.

Running has proven to have cause injuries especially if runners are not using safe shoes and equipment. Unlike running on asphalt or concrete streets, this treadmill is equipped with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck that reduces 40% of the running impact to your joints thus offering more comfort and avoiding foot injury.

Designed for comfort, efficiency and safe usage, Sole F85 has all the important things you are looking for and should be looking for in a treadmill. It has a console that is user friendly and convenient – with its monitor, speaker, controls and even cup holder. The console is accessible. The pulse grip and chest strap could monitor your heart rate for safe and effective workout. The sound system is perfect for setting you on an exercise mood and even the cup holder is advantageously positioned for the user.

An ingenious safety feature has also been incorporated in this treadmill in the form of a magnetic tether cord. The end of the cord has a plastic clip that could be attached to your clothes during workout. For safety purposes, the treadmill will not work without this tether cord attached. If you fall, the magnet will release stopping the treadmill to avoid injury. The stop/pause button is also strategically located in the middle of the console so you could easily press it if you accidentally trip.

Many fitness enthusiasts and first time treadmill users have posted good reviews about this product. As evident on its excellently designed features, this treadmill could really be the perfect exercise equipment for people who want to stay healthy and keep track of their exercise progress on their own and in their homes. The overall reviews about this treadmill are – the deck is comfortable for running, the console is great for controlling your workout, the folding design is fit for a mini in-home gym and the sound system is perfect to keep you running. Most users gave positive reviews and minimal complaints have been posted about it.

The manufacturer, Sole, offers a lifetime warranty for its deck, motor and frame, five years for the electronics and two years in home labor. Their website also offers great help about the product including the warranty features. If you plan to buy F85, make sure to read the warranty to know what is included. If you are convinced that Sole F85 is going to be your new exercise buddy, it is available online and at a discounted price on most online stores.

Health is wealth and a treadmill could be a good investment. What are you waiting for? Get those calories burned, get your heart pumping, hop on your Sole F85 and enjoy running while listening to your favorite songs in the comfort of your sweet home.