Sole F80 Product Review

Sole F80The Product

The Sole F80 is perhaps the most affordable among the treadmill of its kind. It is relatively less expensive that those treadmills that is equipped with almost similar features as it has. The manufacturing of this treadmill is prompted by hotel guests who are requesting for treadmill like they are requesting service carts. This brilliantly designed treadmill is very reliable. It has a motor that could go up to 12 mph with just a press of a button. Its maximum speed is perfect for running. Another feature that rarely comes with a treadmill of this price is it has a significantly wider deck for people with longer stride and for people who want to lose weight. The weight it could support is up to 400 lbs.

A more significant feature of this trustworthy treadmill is the 7.5 LCD that displays your workout progress including the length of your workout, the calories you’ve burned, and especially your heart rate. It has customizable controls that could help you have a safer workout and effective one as well. The console that this treadmill has is the one that you would normally expect from a more expensive treadmill.

Item Weight(lbs.): 265 lbs.
Length(in.): 80"
Weight Capacity(lbs.): 375 lbs.
Width(in.): 35"
Deck Size: 35" X 80"
Running Surface: 22" X 60"
Rollers: 2.75"
Controls & Features:
Motor: 3.5 CHP, DC Type
Speed: .5 - 12 mph
Incline: 0 - 15 Levels Rack & Pinion Gear Design
Folding: Yes
Belt: 2 Ply
Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible
Chest Strap Included: Yes
Standard Programs: 6
Custom Programs: 2
Heart Programs: 2
Cooling Fans: Yes
Sound System: Yes (MP3 Compatible)
Workout Display: 7.5" LCD
Display Color: Blue
Warranty: All service is performed at home
Frame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Deck: Lifetime
Electronics: 5 Years
Labor: 2 Years

Regarding the programs, Sole F80 could provide users with six auto programs and another two programs that could be customized. It also offers heart rate control programs, not only for a safe workout but also for a exercise that would suit your age and fitness goals. The speed controls on this unit is conveniently placed on its arm rest. If you want a more effective workout routine, you can also adjust the incline of its deck.

Since people mainly purchase treadmills to have their workout equipment at home, the low noise feature of this treadmill is perfect for those types of users who want a less noisy or even a quiet and calming workout.

Sole recognizes that people enjoy workout more if they are listening to music. This treadmill is also equipped with sound system compatible with mp3 players. You can select songs that will serve as your workout soundtrack plug your mp3 players in and get into the exercise mood. It also comes with jack that will give you an option to listen to the music through your earphones. Music lovers really take pleasure in this feature.

The Sole F80 is one the treadmills among the folding treadmills line. Folding the treadmill primarily aims for two purposes, one is for the safety of the people around it when it is not used and second is for the owner to save space when the treadmill is used inside a house. The Easy Assist technology makes it easy for the user to fold the treadmill and put the deck in place when no one is using.

This treadmill unlike the treadmills of similar price is capable to withstand repeated usage of the owner. It is reliable for the beginners and solidly built for runners who like to train hard. The frame of this treadmill is also made with great quality materials and functional designs.

The Pros

It is only right that the best part of this treadmill is its price. At the same amount you can’t find any other treadmill that would give you the same feature and affectivity that the Sole F80 could offer. It is more affordable compared to the other treadmills with the same features.

The length and the width of this treadmill is also beneficial for both people who train really hard and for people who wants to start a weight loss program. People with longer stride will also enjoy the length of this treadmills deck.

When you ask people want they want in a product, most of the time they lie in the convenience that customers get when using the product. This treadmill has miscellaneous features such the controls, the LCD monitor, and even the cooling fan.

The Cons

The only problem that was raised about this treadmill is that the LCD doesn’t have the touch screen technology.

Buy this if you are.

If you are saving money and want to invest in a good treadmill for your fitness routine. This is also perfect for busy people who want to work out only in their bedroom or at home. If you are a beginner and looking to create your own program that won’t shock yourself physically, this treadmills is also for you.

What others say

The fitness enthusiasts who have used this product have all good words about this treadmill. Some users love the vibrant display that this treadmill possesses. Other users also love the user friendly console that helps them easily adjust their workout routines.

Special Technology Used

Easy Assist allows users to easily unfold their treadmill. You could just release a lock and the deck will lower itself into the ground. When the treadmill is not used it could be cause of an accident because someone could easily trip over it. However the main objective of this technology is for people who want to save spaces in their house for a small gym.

Convenient Controls refers to the features that allow users to adjust their workout speed, their heart rate, and the time of their workout. Most of the buttons are tactically placed on the console for the user to easily press the buttons and adjust their program.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck is a helpful technology that would reduce foot injury. Unlike running on asphalt, running on a treadmill with a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, it lessens the running impact by 40%.