Sole B94 Upright Exercise Bike


Sole B94 Upright Exercise BikeFor people who love comfort and are not afraid of a little challenge, Sole B94 is the right one for you. As most people would prefer a stationary bike for exercise equipment at home, Sole B94 is an upright bike that is easy to use and a space saver with its slim design that is able to occupy space without fully consuming the whole room.

Sole B94 is lightweight but is durable due to its steel frame. With 20 different levels of resistance, this bike is built for long term use. This bike also comes with a flywheel drive system – innovative 2 degree inversion pedals and an adjustable gel seat that would make anyone in it feel comfortable while working out.

Not only that, the Sole B94 is also great for people who love listening to music while working out as it comes with an iPod dock and built in speakers. The exercise bike also has a heart rate program to monitor your heart and 10 workout programs for you to choose from. Lastly, Sole B94 has a cooling fan built in and a 9’’ built in LCD.

Let’s have a more in depth review of this exercise machine made by one of the most trusted brand, Sole Fitness.

Product Specifications

Model: Sole B94
Height (in): 55’’
Length (in): 44’’
Width (in): 23’’
Item Weight (lbs.): 123 lbs.
Weight Capacity (lbs.): 300lbs
Controls and Features
Drive System: Flywheel
Platform: Upright
Seat: Adjustable Gel padded; Vertical/Horizontal
Standard Programs: 5
Custom Programs: 3
Heart Programs: 2
Chest Strap Included: Yes
Cooling Fans: Yes; Built in
Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips and Chest strap compatible
Number of Programs: 10
Pedal Size: Oversized with 2 degree inversion
Resistance: 20
Resistance Type: Eddy Current Brake
Sound System: Yes, MP3 Compatible
Water Bottle holder: Yes
Workout Display: 9’’ Backlit blue LCD
iFit: No
Frame: Lifetime
Electronics: 3 years
Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year
Power source: AC power cord
Voltage: 110

The Pros

Sole B94 has a 24 lb. flywheel drive system. A flywheel drive system will give the exercise bike a boost while working out. The upright bike has 10 challenging pre-set programs that are ideal even to starters. These programs include 5 standard programs such as hill climb and many more. The other 3 programs can be defined by the user and suited according to preference. Lastly, 2 programs are designed to monitor heart rate.

Sole B94 also has a large 9” LCD display which gives you a quick access to the workout information. This exercise bike also comes with a heart rate grip and a chest strap that helps you monitor your heart rate easily while working out. It also has 20 levels of resistance depending on your preference with quick touch controls for you to easily adjust the resistance.

The Sole B94 also has 2 degree inversion pedals that align your joints in the correct position when you work out. This prevents your ankles, hips, knees and feet to ache after you work out. Another is the adjustable seating in the bike. This gives you the opportunity to move forward or backward on the seat and the back rest depending on your height and preference. This prevents you from having back pains and gives you the freedom to find a comfortable seat when you work out. The attached gel seat provides more comfort for you during your workouts.

It also has a strong durable frame with is heavy steel tubing combined by the shroud made by aluminum. It gives the Sole B94 upright bike an indestructible frame but light for those who want to move it from time to time. The frame of the bike also has a lifetime warranty for its buyers. Lastly, the bike has many extra features such as 2 built in speaker sound system and a cable for iPod or an MP3 connection.

The Cons

Sole B94 is not compatible with iFit live that tracks your everyday activity and provides tools for a healthier you.

Sole B94 is Suitable For

This bike is suitable for people who want to get fit in the comforts of their own home but has small space available. This is also great for people who need to move it around their spaces. Weighing only 123 lbs., this machine is light and can be easily managed even by women.

Pre-Set Programs

The Hill. This program will stimulate going up and down a hill. In this program, the resistance will have a steady decrease and increase.

The Fat Burn. This is designed to keep your heart rate at 60 to 70% of the heart’s potential. This produces a lower exertion level and stays at a steady workload the burns more fat.

The Cardio. This increases the user’s cardiovascular endurance. This is the exercise for your heart and lungs that increase blood flow and lung capacity. This stimulates a higher level of exertion accompanied by slight fluctuations.

The Strength. It focuses on your lower body that strengthens your muscles. This will gradually and steadily increase in resistance and will force you to endure it. This program is designed to tone your legs and butt.

The Interval. This program is designed to push you to your limits as it takes you to high level of resistance followed by low resistance force. It depletes your oxygen during high levels and allows you to replenish during lower intensity, thus increasing your endurance. This allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently.

Product Rating

The Sole B94 Upright exercise bike got an 84.5/100 product rating. This proves that people love the exercise bike. This is a state of the art exercise bike and it is within reasonable price. Most people actually trust Sole Fitness when it comes to fitness machine and this Upright Exercise bike shows promise with its lifetime warranty and specification as shown below:


Overall, the advantages of buying the Sole B94 upright exercise bike is more that its disadvantage. It is more affordable yet assures quality to its user. Sole B94 by Sole Fitness is promising for the health enthusiast.