Sole 98 Elliptical

Exercise EquipmentElliptical equipment is mostly what people use in the gym. It gives your body an accurate amount of stress that will let you avoid injuries. It offers cardiovascular exercises that could be adjusted depending on the preferences of the user. Either for home or commercial use, the Sole E98 Elliptical is built with high quality materials which will give users, who vary in weight up to 400 pounds or 181 kg, to make use of it.

Light commercial equipment is usually built to withstand regular usage of people in commercial sites and local gyms. And if purchased for home use, where only a limited number of people can use it; you can guarantee that it will last for years. Its popularity is swiftly spreading because of the features it is offering. It has articulating foot pedals, heavy 30 lbs. flywheel with precision balance, and 9” screen display with 10 workout programs that will help you through your exercises.

Product Specifications

Measures 27 by 67 by 82 inches (W x H x D)
249-pound weight
400-pound weight limit

Controls & Features
Adjustable pedals and console
Power adjustable stride and incline
20-inch maximum stride length
Six standard programs
Two custom programs
Two heart rate programs
Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring
LCD console with nine-inch display
Front drive system
Built-in fan
15-inch pedals
Includes sound system and water bottle holder

Product Overview

Foot Pedals
People have different strides when walking or running and so the SOLE E98 have an amazing feature of having an articulating pedals that can be adjusted with the feet placement and angle and will fit every users’ strides and stance.

It helps reduce with the numbing effect that the elliptical usually gives to the toes and the soreness of the tendons. A two-degree inward slope to the foot pedals are created to reduce ankle and knee stress, which are commonly experienced when using elliptical machines.

The foot beds are also designed for customized comfort and so it was also made adjustable. In order for your lower body to go through a full range of motion, you must increase your length of stride.  Fortunately, the Sole E98 has a 20” stride length that makes your workout more effective as more muscles are used.

Maximum Weight Capability
Not every elliptical machine could carry a lot of weight and the Sole E98 is not one of them – it could carry up to 400 lbs. without the rocking that gives user the impression that it might break anytime.

Strong Built and Frames
The fact that it could carry up to 400 pounds means that it is built of high quality. The materials used are heavy-duty with a 38-millimeter steel frame.

Screen and Console
It has a large 9” LCD screen that displays details including your heart rate, speed, distance travelled, the amount time you are on the equipment, calories burned and the program you are following. You won’t get confused with the details as it is placed around the console strategically.

Programs provided by the equipment are important to achieve ultimate result. You can’t just use the equipment anyway or anytime you want to. You must have something to guide you with your progress and challenge you as you level up. It will not only give you the result that you want, it would also save yourself from injuries.

The E98 has 10 programs which users could choose from depending on their workout preferences. It has six preset or standard programs, 2 custom program and 2 heart rate program. Each program will let you go on a routine that will give you exactly what you are aiming for.

Other Features
As simple as it may sound, the Sole E98 has a water bottle holder that allows user to drink fluids while working out. Who would want to stop in the middle of their program just to go and get a drink?

A heart rate chest strap is included that will give use an accurate heart rate reading, unlike other equipment that usually comes with handlebars which have a pulse sensor. A heart chest strap is important especially if you want to use the heart rate program so you’ll know whether you are pushing yourself too hard or just doing it right.

The accuracy that the device could give the user is the key to obtaining results. If you choose to not to work out your upper body, there are handlebars to hold onto and it also have movable thick arms. When working out with E98, you will always have an option. It also comes with an adjustable ramp angle from 0 to 30 degrees which allows user to maximize the use of their lower body muscles.

Two glide tracks with its own wheel are provided for each foot resulting in a smooth and steady stride. It has a friction-less resistance system and with a number of 20 resistance levels which is quite impressive.

Of course it is always important to watch out for the warranty that the equipment offers. It differs depending on the usage, if you are intending to use it at home then you will have a lifetime warranty for the frame, 5 years for the parts and electronics and 2 years labor. However, if used commercially then you will also have a lifetime warranty for the frames, but only 3 years for the parts and electronics and 1 year labor.

Although the Sole E98 offers a lot of amazing features, as a user you always tend to look for more so here are a list of some features they could at least have added:

  • A built in speaker and an iPod dock
  • The strides are not adjustable and are fixed to 20” length.
  • It only has 10 programs
  • With the budding technology, a web connection capability could have been added