Smooth 9.65LC Product Review

Smooth 9.65LCWorking out requires a perfect companion and trainer. Some treadmills try to recreate that experience without going through the hassle of going the gym. Some treadmills are also perfect during winter when you want to get you heart pumped and sweat. Most treadmills are designed for people who want to work out in the comfort of their own homes.  Choosing a treadmill to work out on is not just a walk in the mall. You need to know your workout goal because every treadmill could help you achieve that goal, whether you want to be a triathlete or just lose weight a treadmill will be your own personal trainer and gym buddy.

Smooth 9.65LC is one of the well-built treadmills in the market. It has a large a 21” x 64” running deck which is perfect for heavy weights. It also has a powerful 4.0 continuous horsepower motor which is perfect for runners who want to train indoor especially during winter. And for safety it comes with a shock absorption system.

Running Belt:
21" x 64"
Motor: 4.0 chp
Speeds: 0. 6 - 12 mph
Incline: Up to 15 degrees
Assembled Dimensions: 82" L x 31.5" W
User Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
Home Warranty: Parts: Lifetime, Labor: 2 years
Commercial Warranty: Parts: 2 years, Labor: 1 year

The Pros

Custom Workout
For serious fitness enthusiasts they like to set goals while working out, Smooth 9.65LC gives them the freedom to choose which workout they would like to focus on. It allows user to adjust time, number of calories they want to achieve, and the miles you want to run. This treadmill will continue running until it reached that goal you have set.

Excellent Warranties
Treadmills are investments and it is important to look at the manufacturer’s warranty when purchasing one. This treadmill has a lifetime warranty for its motor as well as on its electronic and parts. It also has two year warranty for in home labor. Despite this treadmill being a sturdy machine, it would still not hurt to look at the warranty exclusions before you decide to purchase it.

Virtual Trainer App
This great treadmill works withmySMOOTH Virtual Fitness Trainer which is tablet-based application that makes you choose among its loaded locations. The treadmill’s incline changes depending on the location you chose. While you run it shows you a real video of the location that you chose so it feels like you are really walking on those terrains.  This program will track the progress you have made with your workout.

Low Noise Motor
People look at the quality of the motor when buying treadmill. This treadmill has a very powerful motor but the good thing about it is it is relatively less noisy than any other treadmills in the market. The sound of the motor is also important because it could also affect the workout and even the user’s health.

Free Shipping
Not most purchases come with free shipping but this treadmill has. Its free shiping does not just include front door delivery, it also includes in home delivery. You can choose where you want the treadmill to be placed inside your home.

The Cons

Limited Workout Program
Most fitness enthusiasts are very particular with their workout. They are trained for specific athletic discipline such as running, or cardio improvement, triathlon, etc. and most of the time they would like to get the best workout they can to improve their health and endurance. This treadmill may not cater their needs because it has fairly few workout programs. It does provide target programs that will help user improve more on their workout. However, it does have customizable workout that comes with its virtual fitness app.

Less Workout Entertainment
Some people like to listen to music while working out. It helps them get motivated and keep on running. The Smooth 9.65LC allows you to listen to your workout playlist with its sound system. Plug your iPod or your mp3 player in and get in the workout mood. Some treadmills in the market features internet browsing capabilities attached to its entertainment system, but this treadmill does not offer that. If you like to browse while working out this treadmill might disappoint you a little bit. However, if you would like to get entertained while running it comes with a virtual application that displays real videos of some of the most well-known running locations all over the world.

No Cooling System
Cooling system or fans are normally integrated in most treadmill units. Most people would like to run in a cool breeze while trying to sweat.  Some people prefer to just workout comfortably. If you are very particular about fans and cooling system, do not expect a lot on this treadmill. But overall, the goal of working out is to sweat so fans are minor features that people need to look for when buying treadmills.