Precor TRM 211 Energy Series Home Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 211 Energy Series Home Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 211 Energy Series Home Treadmill Review

This is the entry model for one of Precor’s Energy series. The Energy series contains commercial-grade treadmills that features a convenient design and can provide comfortable workouts with the help of the comfort technology features that is only exclusive to Precor.

There are loads of features that Precor packs with it treadmills especially if it belonged to their Energy series. This is the reason why the TRM 211 is such a most wanted treadmill in the industry.


Advanced Comfort Features –

The Energy Stride Technology will providing a comfortable shock absorption by letting the deck abide to your personal stride and deliver total support to the parts of the deck where you will be needing it the most. This is a great feature that will help lessen the impact on your joints whenever you are walking or running.

Motor –

It uses a 3.0 HP motor and is known as the highest performing motor on the market today. The great thing about this power is that the motor is able to endure your workout even after several hours of using the machine. Even though it is strong-powered, it is still capable of operating smoothly, quietly and you can guarantee that it is long-lasting.

Deck –

The deck may be small because it is only 57” long and 20” wide but it is more compact and ideal to be used on small places. The material used to build the belt is a multiply polyester coated with a dry silicon lubrication wherein it only requires little or no maintenance at all. It also has a PVC non-slip surface to provide extra safety for the user.

Incline/Decline –

The standard treadmills is only capable of up to a 12% inclination but with TRM 211, you can get up to 15%. This is great if you want to achieve hill runs and do interval training at steeper grades.

Warranty –

The warranty is impressive with Precor because they offer a lifetime for their frame plus a 5 year warranty on the parts.


Console –

The console is designed with the basic white and blue LCD screen and is not compatible with any Apple or Android devices. With that console, don’t expect any entertainment or audio options available. It also has a smaller size than the other models so there’s not enough room to hold your device and other accessories.

Workout Programs –

There are only 6 pre-made programs included in this treadmill which can be very little especially for beginners. It also doesn’t have a personalized account to store the workout data of every individual.

Max Weight –

It can only hold a maximum weight of up to 350 pounds. It doesn’t sound so bad but most of the high performance treadmills are capable of handling 400 pounds and up.

Deck –

The deck in the treadmill is only 57” wherein the average is usually at around 60”. This can be a problem for tall individuals who want to run on this treadmill.