Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review

Precor 9.27 Treadmill Review

The 9.27 is a great buy and it is one-step higher than the company’s entry level treadmills. This treadmill may seem fit for couple trainees because of how it allows 2 profiles to be saved which will be used for workout data analysis. Also, the many features that this treadmill is packed with will surely convince you that it is worth the investment for your home gym.


Track Cushioning –

When you run on the street, you will definitely feel how the ground doesn’t provide the comfort and cushioning you need whenever you land your feet. With Precor, they have implemented and patented their “Ground Effects Impact Control technology” to their treadmill lineup. This one-of-a-kind cushioning system will minimize fatigue and prevent injury whenever you run.

Track Length –

The track is 57” in length and is perfect for any type of runner or walker. However, this length may be a bit inconvenient for tall users since they need more room to stride.

Track Incline –

In treadmills, nothing beats a good session without an inclined walk incorporated to it. Doing this variation will prevent strains from happening on the knees while increasing the number of muscles being used as well as the amount of calories being burned. The inclination level of this treadmill can be increased for up to 15%.

Motor –

The Precor 9.27 uses a 3.0 HP continuous duty motors. The commercial-grade components help the motor function quietly and quickly so that it can adapt to any minute changes in the speed. You can guarantee that this feature won’t let the treadmill skip a beat even when you’re doing an interval training session.

Programming –

There are ten pre-programmed workouts already installed so that it can cater to every fitness goals out there. These programs include Hill Climb, Fun Run, Heart Rate, Walk, 5K Track, Manual, Interval and Weight Loss.

Low Maintenance –

There’s not much lubrication being needed on this treadmill. The welded frames of the treadmill will ensure that you won’t worry about any loose bolts wherein it can be a common problem for fitness machines that comes in a cheap price. The company also uses dry silicone lubrication and it is usually advertised as being a maintenance-free one.

Warranty –

Owners are entitled to a lifetime warranty of the treadmill’s frame along with 5 years of protection for the parts and 1 year labor.


Weight –

One of the common complaints that you get about the product is its heavy weight which may take around 300 pounds. This maximum weight may give off an impression that it is a difficult product to manage and is nowhere close to being a foldable one.

Track –

If you are a tall type of runner then this treadmill is not entirely for you. It comes only at 57” in length while the average ones are somewhere around 60” to 62”. However, you can shorten the strides during runs, especially if you’re using an inclined level.