NordicTrack VR

NordicTrack VRIf you want to experience outdoor cycling in the comfort of your own home, NordicTrack commercial VR is just the right exercise bike for you! Built for fitness enthusiasts, this exercise bike promises to deliver excellent workout sessions for its users with the state of the art technology but within a reasonable price.

NordicTrack Commercial VR has superior features that are sure to raise the standards for exercise bikes in the market. It’s a commercial gym style recumbent bike that cost like that of an indoor gym equipment. From one of the most trusted brands in fitness equipment, this is a recumbent exercise bike that gives a sense of the outdoors while actually being indoors. With its heavy duty frame and 350 lbs. capacity, the NordicTrack commercial VR offers durable exercise bike accompanied by features that will help you be more comfortable while working out.

Product Specifications

Model: NordicTrack Commercial VR
Type: Recumbent
Height (in): 55.25’’
Length (in): 58.5’’
Width (in): 27.25’’
Weight Capacity (lbs.): 350lbs
Controls and Features
Drive System: 23lb effective inertia-enhanced flywheel drive system
Seat: Adjustable and Cushioned; Vertical/Horizontal
Number of Programs: 32
Chest Strap Included: Yes
Cooling Fans: Yes; Built in
Heart Rate Monitoring: Pulse Grips and Wireless Chest Strap Compatible
Pedal Size: Yes; Traction Controlled
Resistance: 26 levels
Resistance Type: Balanced Flywheel
Sound System: Yes; MP3 Compatible
Water Bottle Holder: Yes
Workout Display: 7’’ Backlit Display
iFit: Yes
Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 1 Year
Labor: 1 Year
Power Source: AC Power Cord
Voltage: 110

This exercise bike gives you 32 Pre-set workout applications that you can choose from depending on your preference. 24 Digital resistance levels which you can control easily and a heart rate monitor to be used during workouts to keep you in your preferred heart rate. This also has Quick touch in handle controls to keep you focused during your workout even while setting the workout programs of the bike to your preference.

Let’s look further to what the bike can offer. Below are the pros and the cons of having the NordicTrack Commercial VR recumbent as your exercise bike.

The Pros

This exercise bike is a recumbent stationary bike which is more efficient and will give you maximum fitness result as it brings you to an optimum training position. This is designed to make the rider and the bike stable due to low center of gravity. Also, it helps you avoid sore hand, wrists and arms as you don’t put stress on them because of leaning. The recumbent bike also reduces fatigue as the body is in its natural alignment that will avoid backaches and butt pains which results in a comfortable workout.

The NordicTrack VR is also iFit enable that will help you track and monitor your workout and your progress. This features workouts powered by Google Maps and training programs from one of the hit TV shows “The Biggest Loser” coach, Jillian Micheals and also from other fitness instructors and trainers which is also accompanied by automatic resistance controls. With the help of iFit technology, you can also customize your workouts according to your personal fitness goals.

It comes with a 23 lb. balanced effective inertia-enhanced flywheel drive system which means that the bike will have a boost during workout while giving you a natural feel of the ride. Also, this has SMR or Silent Magnetic Resistance that will give you a smooth and quiet workout time. This recumbent bike also comes with 32 built-in workout applications that you can choose from to improve and suit your preference.

It comes with two built in speakers with Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound system and iPod and MP3 compatible audio port that is perfect for those who wants to be motivated by music during their workout. The Seat is cushioned and oversized for your comfort and is also built with lumbar support to help you stay focused. It can be easily adjusted and can accommodate multiple users. It is also built with cardio grip heart rate sensors in the handlebars to monitor your heart rate and is also compatible with the Polar wireless chest pulse strap that continuously reads your heart rate to determine whether or not you are still in your target heart zone.

The Commercial VR also comes with 26 resistance levels and has its 3 piece crank design will give you a more realistic feel of your biking experience. It has a 7’’ Backlit display that offers a wide viewing angle which makes it easy for you to monitor your heart rate and your workout progress. The racetrack display enables you to monitor your speed, pace and distance. NordicTrack also added cool accessories such as a water holder and a Coolaire workout fan that comes with a two speed settings allowing you to cool off at a certain point of your workout.

The Cons

Though the bike is compatible with iFit live, the wireless training modules for iFit are sold separately. Additionally, NordicTrack Commercial VR is bigger compared to other recumbent bike available in the market which poses a problem for people who has a small space intended for an exercise bike.

The Programs

Below is the list of the most popular programs users preferred during their workouts:

The Fat Burn program. This is designed to maintain your heart rate at 60 to 70% of the hearts’ potential. This causes lower exertion level of energy and will stay at a steady workload that will burn more fats.

The Hill Program. As the name implies, this program will stimulate going up and down a hill. In this program the resistance will have a steady decrease and increase as it is in a natural biking experience in a hill.

The High-Low Interval Program. This program is designed to take you to your limit as it pushes you to high level of resistance followed by low resistance force. It depletes your oxygen during high levels and allows you to replenish during lower intensity and resting moments thus increasing your endurance. This allows your body to use oxygen more efficiently.


NordicTrack Commercial VR is one of the best recumbent bikes out there with its style and features. It is a wise investment for all fitness enthusiasts out there.