Horizon Fitness T101-4 Folding Home Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T101-4 Folding Home Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness T101-4 Folding Home Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness is famous for distributing treadmills at a low price and is ideal for home use. As of today, the T101 is the best seller from Horizon Fitness’ treadmills and it’s something that you need to add for your home gym.

This treadmill only costs less than $800 and is named as one of the best-selling in the industry. It is small in size and it can be easily folded which makes it convenient for easy storage especially if you only have little floor space left in your house. You can guarantee that with this treadmill, you will get to experience high-end features that are unique than the other treadmills out there.


Price –

If you plan on owning a treadmill for your home gym but you only have limited budget then this is the perfect one for you. The SRP for this treadmill is only under $800 and you can find even better prices when you shop for it online.

Warranty –

It comes with a one—year warranty for its parts wherein it isn’t so bad for something that is cheap. The motor and frame comes with a lifetime warranty.

Audio –

You can easily connect your mp3 player and play your music with the treadmill’s built-in speaker system so that you will be able to make your workout more fun.

Exercise Programs –

There are 9 workout programs installed wherein they are all enough to provide beginners with challenging sessions. You can choose your own program according to distance, time, and calorie goals as well as interval, manual, and weight loss workouts.

Incline –

To make your workout more efficient and intense, this treadmill is capable of inclining up to 10% which will surely make you feel the burn.

Heart Rate Monitoring –

With the help of the dual grip monitoring system, you can easily monitor your heart rate and let you determine how much you can carry on.

Console –

The consoles built into this treadmill are user-friendly and has that sleek look. It comes with 3 data windows and has a soft orange LED lighting.

Portability –

A great feature of this home-gym equipment is that it can be easily folded thus allowing more space to be available inside of your home.

Stability –

It may be a budget-friendly treadmill but it is still capable of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight.


Short Track –

The treadbelt in this treadmill is only 20”x55” which makes it very inconvenient for tall runners. If you want a 60” track then Horizon’s Adventure 5 is the perfect equipment for you. But this treadmill may cost your $500 more than the price of the T101.

Motor –

It comes with a 2.25 HP motor which is only ideal for walking and jogging but not for hardcore runners. It is only capable of supporting a top speed of 10 mph.

Cushioning –

The cushioning is just average and there’s nothing so special about it with this treadmill. So don’t expect to always have soft landings when you run on this thing.