Bowflex Revolution

Bowflex RevolutionA high quality machine in your home gym is what the Bowflex Revolution is offering its users. With 100 exercises and 400 variations, the Bowflex Revolution is designed to work out any part of your body to help you maintain and achieve your fitness goals. With its superior features, the Bowflex revolution is indeed a state of the art home gym available for all fitness enthusiasts out there.

This home gym equipment offer 100 exercise styles with 300 lbs. maximum weight capacity and utilizes SpiraFlex technology. It is a resistance exercise machine designed to increase your strength and shape your muscles. It has features such as the Freedom Arms where your arms can move independently with its 170 degree adjustment and you can shift in 10 different arm positions.

The leg press station has 600 lbs. resistance which will shape your leg muscles in no time. This is a range and power exclusive to Bowflex Revolution users only. The Bowflex Revolution also allows you to do Preacher Curl Attachment as it provides rest for your elbows on the platform while you grasp the inner handles of the leg attachment with an underhand grip.

Product Specifications

Model: Bowflex Revolution
Length: 9’ 4’’
Width: 3’ 2’’
Height: 6’ 1’’
Area: 10’ x 7’
Rating: 82/100
Technology: SpiraFlex
Standard Weight: 220 lbs.
Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.
Exercises: 100
Seat: Bench; Adjustable
Leg Work out: Yes
Abdominal Workout: Yes
Rows: Yes
Curls: Yes
Pull-down: Yes
Lat Tower: No
Freedom Arms: Yes
Aerobic Rowing: Yes
Extras: Workout DVD and Manual
Warranty: 10 Years

The Vertical Bench press feature allows you to complete a wider range of exercises and gives you variations on your workout. Also, the Leg Extension will allow you to develop stronger and more muscular legs. It has a 5 way Hand-Grip and Ankle cuffs that would allow flexibility to any workout. This includes Regular grip function, Non-Grip Cuff, Ankle Cuff, Foot Cuff and shoulder Cuff.

This home gym is also built with multiple cable and Pulley Positions for you to easily change your angle of resistance that would ensure the effectivity of your exercise. It also has a built-in rowing machine to burn calories faster and for cardiovascular warm-up and cool-down.

Let’s take a further look at the Bowflex Revolution

The Pros

Bowflex Revolution offers the newest Spiraflex technology that will give you a much more consistent resistance throughout your entire workout compared to the ordinary power rod technology. It means that it will be incredible smooth during the entire range of motion and will be beneficial and a primary factor in developing strong muscles.

The Bowflex revolution home gym equipment also comes with Instructional videos and manual that will allow you to go through different exercises with directions from a personal trainer. Its manual also comes with a lot of exercise and weight loss tips and diet info that users could actually use.

Aside from that, Bowflex revolution is adjustable and that would give you the opportunity to change your exercise according to your preference and fitness goals. It allows you to work on every plane of motion that is perfect for functional training.  It also can lift up to 300 lbs with a high-end resistance system that improves your workout. Also 100 exercises is available for you to try on and it has a ton of very useful accessories that you can use.

Not only is it praised for its built, it also has supreme features offered. Though the equipment is compact, it is designed to combine all the strength building equipment inside your home. Also, the Freedom arms technology can adjust to 170 degree with 10 resistance settings that you can easily change that gives you a variety of angles while working on your upper body muscles. Lastly, it promises to deliver fat loss within just six weeks.

The Cons

Some of costumers find it hard to assemble the Bowflex Revolution. Also, the price of this home gym equipment is higher compared to the regular ones available in the market.

Bowflex Revolution Technology

This home gym features an ingenious patented technology called the SpiraFlex. These resistance packs were each constructed with a heavy duty elastic strap inside which stretches during an exercise to create a resistance. The advantage of this resistance is to help you burn more calories resulting to a better workout and faster results. Hence, the developers promised a significant fat loss within 6 weeks.

The SpiraFlex technology is a non-inertial resistance mechanism that gives you smoothness and a feel of a gym-quality machine in a compact size compared to that of a regular exercise equipment. An elastic strap is wrapped tight around a coil and placed in a small canister that looks like a weight pack bit is much lighter. Because of the fact that no metal parts were used, Bowflex Revolution is safe, portable and quiet throughout your entire workout.

The real secret of the workout is in the resistance produce which is present in the entire range of motion and not the weight of the weight packs. This technology gives you a consistent delivery of the resistance which helps you get fitness results better and faster than the regular exercise equipment. The SpiraFlex technology is also used in the International Space Station to help astronauts avoid muscle deterioration.

The Rating

Bowflex Revolution received 82% from its users. Also, this is a must buy for its variety in exercise that offers you 100 different exercise with 400 variations.

Bowflex Revolution is For

The Bowflex Revolution home gym equipment is for those who wants to workout but are easily bored with the same usual routine. With a wide range of exercise to choose from, you’ll never be bored while using this.


The Bowflex Revolution is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the gym in the comforts of their own home. Yes, the price may be higher compared to regular exercise equipment but the technology of this home gym equipment guarantees satisfaction and better results achieved faster.