BowFlex Max Trainer M5

Exercise EquipmentEven with the help of training equipment, burning calories could be very challenging. Others may experience disappointment with regards to the training machine they have acquired, thinking that they have made the wrong choice. While some might push themselves to the limit just to gain the result that they want. These things would contribute a lot to the stress that you feel every time you step up of your training machine.

Most of the time, we get frustrated when we see less result even with the amount of time and effort we exerted. So if you want fast result with less time exerted, then the Bowflex Max Trainer might be the best equipment that could help you.

The Max trainer has a built in max interval training technology which enables user to burn up to 2.5X more calories per minute when compared to an elliptical and other training machines. If you want to have the same result with the treadmill, then you will have to walk for at least two hours. Amazingly you can lose a lot of weight in just 14 minutes with the new Bowflex Max Trainer.

Product Specs and Features

Dimensions: 46” L x 25”W x 63” H
Minimum Ceiling Height: User height +15”
Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs
Assembled Product Weight: 143 lbs
Power source: Includes AC adapter
16 Resistance Levels
9  Programs – Manual, MAX interval, Smart MAX Interval, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn,
Calorie Goal, Stairs Steady State, Fitness Test
Heart Rate Monitor with integrated contact grips and chest strap
Water Bottle Holder
Media Shelf or Tablet Holder
Bluetooth 4.0
Backlit Display
Premium Grips
Warranty of 2 years which covers all machine parts

Product Overview and Features

It is originally designed to level up the traditional elliptical training machine with the combination of stair stepper which overall creates a more dynamic and powerful one-of-a-kind cardio workout.

This new cardio machines is industrially designed to enable full body movement and at the same time allows  80 percent of the upper body to engage with the activity compared to when using a traditional elliptical. It also include a 14-minute interval workout that  allows user to maximize the benefits they get from the after burn and can increase metabolism up to 48 hours after a workout is completed.

What’s even better is, the Max Trainer is virtually 0 impact which means it’s 200% easier and better on your joints compared to running. Injuries are less with the MAX trainer since it is design to have a zero joint impact so it is much better for you knees and back.

The effectiveness of the MAX trainer is measured by the calories burned during and after workout. The combination of the easy low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning power of a stepper will guarantee fast result.  Users are guided through every workout and each can set targets based on their fitness level.

A free Bowflex MAX trainer App comes with the machine which enables user to track down their workout progress, from their time on the machine up to the calories burned and then wirelessly transfer all their workout data via Bluetooth. The App also automatically syncs data with Bowflex Connect which help user to review and understand their results and how each workouts contributes in achieving their fitness goal.

The design was inspired by a motorcycle’s lean yet challenging characteristics.  It has a calorie gauge which shows the calories burned per minute and an audio bell that rings at the start of each interval training period. User will also be captivated with the products features that distractions during workouts are avoided.

Naturally, to have best result you must use the machine as often as possible. And if you find the machine boring then you might want to invest in a new way to lose weight. Yet the Bowflex MAX trainer is filled with features that enables user to enjoy using the machine on a daily basis.

Better result is achieved by gradually increasing the resistance level of the machine. And the Bowflex Max trainer offers 16 levels of resistances which allows the user to continually challenge themselves with a more intense workouts.

A Manual mode program is also included on the features of this machine, which is a necessity for every piece of exercise equipment. With a manual mode, user could customize and choose the workout routine they want to follow. It also has additional programs such as the steady state, stairs, Fitness Test mode, Calorie Burn, Fat Burn and Calorie Goal.

These programs are quite beneficial especially for those who would really want to have a specific goal when working out but could sometimes get confused with the proper execution technique. But the best mode the machine offers is the Max Interval and the Smart Max Interval. These programs are based on interval training which allows users to maximize movement and get those 2.5x calorie burns.

In conclusion, it is really worth your money to have a Bowflex Max Trainer as exercise equipment. It is highly recommended especially for those who are into strength and cardio training. It is affordable and offers a lot of features that most training machine offers in greater price range.

You could get best result with less amount of time and with the set of programs that the Bowflex Max trainer has, you won’t need to add any programs. It doesn’t really matter how many programs you follow, for as long as it delivers result. You may want to have a more advance training machine but you should also consider that not all delivers result as fast as the Bowflex Max Trainer. Some could be very cheap, some would even be better when it comes to the features, but just see the result and you’ll know that you made the right choice.

Product Cons

No iPod connection
No Speakers
Full coverage Warranty lasts for 2 years only